Baseball Update

The Reds aren’t doing great but they still have a shot. We need a bunch of wins but this team is capable of that. A few more streaks like Winker and we’ll have a good shot.

Pack Legend Update

I'm sorry I didn't release the 1st episode on time guys but I was having problems with garageband not being able to share to WordPress so I will get the 1st episode next week hopefully because I will just be using Voice Memos to do it. Make sure you have your email notifications turned on …

I’m Baaaaaacccckkkk

Hey everyone I’m finally back. I’ve seen some new readers and comments and I’m so sorry I missed them when you posted those. If you people think I’m ignorant of comments, I’m certainly not. Keep posting comments, keep sharing, keep liking! PS: If you leave a comment y’all will most likely get a reply.

Pack Legend Podcast

Hey everyone I’m going to be starting a quick 15 minute sports summary and baseball card talk once a week starting Monday. Every week on Monday a new podcast will be released. We will have some guests on the show to talk flipping cards, collecting cards as a kid in the 80s, and being a …

If U Follow Me Please Read

Hey, I need to announce that I might be creating a YouTube channel for Gen Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It won’t be coming out until sometime next week if it happens.