NFL Week 5: Man Kickers Suck

NFL Week 5 was a week of blunders and a couple thunders. Let's look at these 3 games: Bengals vs Packers: OT and KickersChargers vs Browns: Shootout CityRams vs Seahawks: The Rams are SB Bound The Bengals Evan Mcpherson and Packers Mason Crosby combined to miss FIVE FIELD GOALS in this game. It was sent …


I have decided to send in my 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr RC to SGC and hopefully get a really good grade! I'm expecting an 8, but a lower grade is possible due to centering issues. Everything else is looking great though. I will keep you posted on this card!

NFL Week 3

Here is my main notes from the NFL in Week 3: The Chiefs are the worst in the NFC West???The Rams are the best team in footballJustin Tucker's record breaker. Something I don't think any of us saw coming is that the Chiefs are 1-2 and are the WORST team in their division! Honestly, I …

NFL Week 2!

With the NFL season now two weeks in, we are getting a better look at the whole league. Some teams and games that I would like to focus on are: Are the Texans actually not the worst team in football?Rookie QBs: they stink (except one)The Cardinals are GOOD! Let’s start off with the Texans. Houston …

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