Guys and girls, I'M STARTING A PODCAST!!! It will be on Apple Podcasts and more! When I'm ready to distribute the first episode, I will be able to tell you more about release dates and things like that. SHARE THIS POST TO ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA SO I CAN GET SOME HYPE ABOUT THIS PODCAST! …


So here I am, a loyal UK basketball fan, great expectations coming into this season, BJ Boston is supposed to be a top 5 pick, ranked 10th to start the year and then... We are now 4-7. 4 and 7!FOUR AND SEVEN!!!! KENTUCKY MEN'S BASKETBALL IS 4 AND STINKING 7!At least there is one bright …

Ya Better Read This Or You Are Missing Out!

RERIP IS BACK!!!! This time I will be recapping all the cards I got for Christmas. The products are: PANINI PRIZM HOBBY BOX TOPPS GALLERY MEGA BOX DIAMOND KINGS BLASTER BOX PANINI CHRONICLES BLASTER BOX TOPPS FIRE HANGER BOX All of these are 2020 products. Look for the videos coming out soon!

Who Da GOAT Part 3

Here's rankings 10 through 6. Number 10 Julius Erving "Dr. J" The Doctor flew from the free throw line and that was the inspiration for Jordan's free throw line dunk. I also think that The Doctor played with the most grace of any player in history so that's why he made the top 10. 9 …

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