NFL Week 3

Here is my main notes from the NFL in Week 3:

  • The Chiefs are the worst in the NFC West???
  • The Rams are the best team in football
  • Justin Tucker’s record breaker.

Something I don’t think any of us saw coming is that the Chiefs are 1-2 and are the WORST team in their division! Honestly, I was expecting the Chiefs to run away with the title of the best team in the NFL by Week 6, and here we are, halfway there, with the Chiefs in last. They are the Chiefs, so watch for a little comeback here in the next 3 weeks.

Yep, Matthew Stafford has made the LA Rams the best team in football. As a proud fantasy owner of the number 1 WR, Cooper Kupp, I happen to be very glad that Stafford is locked onto my man Kupp. The Rams stand at 3-0 after an enormous victory against the seemingly unbeatable Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Can the Rams stay hot? We’ll just have to find out. The Rams are my Super Bowl pick. They are definitely going to make it happen.

Watch while Justin Tucker drills the LONGEST FG in NFL HISTORY! I was watching this game live as Tucker hit a 66 yarder for the win. My dad said he would throw my sister up in the air if he made it jokingly, and of course he made the FG.

Thanks for reading guys! Come back every weekday for new content.

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