NFL Week 2!

With the NFL season now two weeks in, we are getting a better look at the whole league. Some teams and games that I would like to focus on are:

  • Are the Texans actually not the worst team in football?
  • Rookie QBs: they stink (except one)
  • The Cardinals are GOOD!

Let’s start off with the Texans. Houston is missing their top QB and possible MVP candidate Deshaun Watson due to some off-field issues, but Tyrod Taylor has stepped up bigtime for the Texans. Houston was expected to be in the cellar this season, but thanks to Taylor, they are 1-1, beating Jacksonville in Week 1, but lost to the Super Bowl candidate Browns in Week 2. The Texans looked great against the Browns defense though, only losing by 10 points. They don’t have very much star power, but they have come together a little like the 2019-20 Heat in the bubble. I would watch out for the Texans in the AFC South.

The rookie QBs have looked terrible except that guy up north that wasn’t supposed to even start until a couple days before Week 1. That man is Mac Jones. He has led the Patriots to a 1-1 start, losing by one point in Week 1 to the Dolphins and beating up the Jets 25-6 in Week 2. I bring up the Jets because Zach Wilson threw four picks in that game which brings his total on the season to five. Wilson’s passer rating lays at an appalling 56.1. Trevor Lawrence also brought his total interceptions on the year to five after throwing two to the Broncos this week. Lawrence’s passer rating also lays at a lowly 57.1. Justin Fields and Trey Lance haven’t had enough playing time to really know their outlook yet.

Is Kyler Murray the number one QB in the NFL after two weeks? It looks so. Kyler already has NINE total touchdowns! Murray has thrown for seven TDs and ran for two. His leading receiver is Deandre Hopkins, who has three of those receiving touchdowns. Kyler had five total touchdowns in Week 1, which led Arizona to a blowout 38-13 win vs the Titans. Kyler once again led Arizona to a win in Week 2, a 34-33 squeaker vs Minnesota. Once again, Kyler had multiple TDs with four total: three passing and one rushing. I honestly am going to say that Murray is the number one QB in the NFL through the first two weeks. The Cardinals defense isn’t too shabby either, featuring JJ Watt and Chandler Jones on that defensive line. Jones had five sacks in Week 1, which is an insane defensive performance.

So that is what jumped out to me after NFL Week 2! Drop a thought in the comments and always give me a like! This is a weekly post that comes out every Tuesday during the season!

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