NFL Week 1: What Went Right and What Went Wrong

This will be a weekly post every Tuesday recapping the week.

The NFL has kicked off! I am so pumped for the rest of this season so let’s check out our main headlines from Week 1:

  • The Packers played the worst football I have ever seen in my life
  • The Bears just have to start Justin Fields
  • The Bengals game winning FG in OT

Let’s get into the Packers first. The Packers lost 38-3 to the Saints on Sunday, this becoming the worst loss in a game that Aaron Rodgers has started, the previous “record” being 31. The score doesn’t really show how bad the Packers played. Here are some stats for the main Packers stars:

Aaron Rodgers: 15/28(Cmp/Att) 133yds 0TDs

Aaron Jones: 5 Attempts 9yds 0TDs

Davante Adams: 5 Catches 56yds 0TDs

As you can probably tell, these stat lines tell the story.

Now, the Bears just have to start Justin Fields. In a 14-34 pummeling by the Rams in the nightcap Sunday. Andy Dalton was OK, but the Bears do not need an OK QB right now. Here is Andy Dalton’s stat line:

Andy Dalton: 27/38(Cmp/Att) 206Yds 0TDs

The Bears have a strong RB core, but their future is in the hands of Justin Fields.

The Bengals are my favorite team, so I was definitely excited about Evan Mcpherson’s FG for the win in OT against the Vikings.

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