Amir Garrett: Don’t Hold A Grudge

Most of you know Amir Garrett from this video:

He’s not that guy.

I recommend you listen to his personal episode on The Jim Day Podcast, wherever you get your podcasts.

After you listen, you will know he is a great guy. That podcast explained everything to me about who he was. He was my favorite player before that but I had a wavering opinion about him after this brawl.

Please please PLEASE, don’t hold a grudge on Amir just for one brawl.

Leave a comment on your opinion down below. If your opinion is that you hate Amir and you’d like to slam him online, go for it. If you want to give him a compliment, go for it.

But please, before you slam him listen to that podcast episode. Once you’ve heard that, if you still hate him, go ahead and slam him.

He is still my favorite player in the MLB right now by the way.

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