10/26/2019 Preview

The 2019 World Series

The Astros have one of the best World Series rotations I have ever seen. Gerritt Cole, Justin Verlander, and Zack Grienke, who they pulled at the trade deadline from the Diamondbacks, are their 1st 3 starters. The Nationals also have a few good pitchers in Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasberg. They also have a good mix of vets and young players [eg. Ryan Zimmerman, Victor Robles, Kurt Suzuki, and Juan Soto]

World Series Scores: Game 1 Nats: 5 Astros: 4 Game 2: Nats: 12 Astros: 3 Game 3 Nats: 1 Astros: 4

Kentucky Football Today: UK at home vs. Missouri        Scouting Report: Missouri was ranked 22 going into the game against Vanderbilt last week. In a terrible loss, Missouri couldn’t move the ball on a sunny day. Now they have to go into Kentucky on a rainy day. Let’s see how bad UK beats them.

My Prediction: Kentucky 21 Mizzou 17.

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Baseball Cards Weekly

Hey it’s Baseball Cards Weekly Presented by Collectibles for Kids.

Here’s my buy and don’t buy guide:


Nationals and Astros Cards

Basketball Cards

Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson Cards

Don’t Buy:

Dolphins or Redskins Cards [Unless you are dumb enough to be a fan of those teams]

Zion RCs

Knicks Cards

Thunder Cards [Except Steven Adams]


Basketball News

Zion is out for 8 weeks! That is the 1st injury of many to come. [See Zion Explained below]

Image result for zion williamson

[Credit to news.nike.com]

Chris Paul is named the @#$%& Worst Player on the Planet by Baseball Card Weekly by Collectibles 4 Kids

Giannis is MVP again? That is what the experts say. Giannis is projected for a better season than last year so that means that he will pretty much average a triple-double.

Image result for giannis antetokounmpo

[Credit to clutchpoints.com]

Stephen Curry must carry the Warriors but how??? Curry will be by himself until Klay comes back late season so will he lead the Warriors to the playoffs or the cellar? Curry better lead the Warriors to the playoffs because they are my favorite team so they better win the Finals.

Image result for stephen curry

[Credit to clutchpoints.com]

Wenyen Gabriel is signed by Kings! [Former UK player]

Image result for wenyen gabriel kings

[Credit to aseaofblue.com]


Giannis MVP 2nd Curry 3rd Harden

De’aaron Fox D player of the Year

6th Man Lou Williams

Most Improved Bam Adebayo

Comeback POTY Zion Williamson

Coach Whoever the Lakers coach is

Zion Explained

Zion is a total freak of nature. He might be the next Lebron. He also might be the next Sam Bowie. He shouldn’t be going up and dunking on a 6’ 7’’ 320 pound frame and coming down on those knees. Guess what his 1st injury was. Yup it’s a knee injury. So look for Lebron or look for Sam Bowie.


Patrick Mahomes is injured! NOOOOOOOO! He is my fav football player of all time. Patrick went for a QB dive last week on Thursday Night Football and injured his ankle and he is out for this week.

Image result for patrick mahomes injury

[Credit to SI.com]

Lamar Jackson will go off again. Lamar Jackson is the #1 ranked QB in the NFL this season after Mahomes went down with an injury. He has the best average per rush in the NFL!!! That means a QBs average per rush is better than every RB in football!!!

Image result for lamar jackson

[Credit to sbnation.com]

Benny Snell Jr. of Kentucky is #1 RB in Pittsburgh. James Connor is partially injured so Snell will be RB 1 this week in Pittsburgh. SNELL YEAH

Image result for benny snell jr

Credit to bleacherreport.com

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